Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A bio of My Thoughts

Just today, I once again gave thought to the exercise I have been involved with for a couple of years, the posting of a thought for the day (TFTD) on my blog Thought For The Day by Deason Hunt.

It was after seeing a tweet from a genealogist I follow on Twitter which said "You know what Facebook needs? More people posting inspirational quotes." He's certainly entitled to his opinion, but upon seeing his remark, I recalled what I discovered about my tftds.

They are a bio of sorts revealing not my birth, marriage, employments, etc. facts, but an insight into what I think about life and all sorts of events and situations. Separately they look like one-shot comments, but collectively, they can communicate that thing we wish so often we could know about our long-dead ancestors: how they felt and thought.

I certainly would give a lot to know that about Thomas Hunt who was born in North Carolina the same year the U. S. Constitution was adopted, who moved over the mountains to Tennessee with his large family about 1820. He lived there until the early 1850's when he moved to his last home in East Texas. I don't know his feelings, of course,  or those of almost all of my ancestors. How I wish they had left me some indication.

You can gather all my tftds and find about my attitude toward life in general, human relations, patriotism, tolerance, racism, etc. They are a part of the life story of Deason Hunt. So I think I'll keep on blogging a thought for the day and posting it also on Facebook.  You never know who might be listening ... or when.