Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Genealogy: Where I Am January 2016

  1. With the direction, energy, and help of cousins Bill and Susan Kromer Hunt and researchers to whom they introduced me in recent years, there is a DNA confirmation of the Thomas Hunt ancestral tale that we were once McFarlands (McFarlins, MacFarlanes, etc) linking us to other researchers and 1700-1800's Orange County, North Carolina McFarland families. With that same DNA finding, we have determined that we are a branch of MacFarlanes known as Hidden MacGregors whose DNA link is to the Ianh Cam MacGregor ancestry. Either by historical era records or DNA we have a legitimate claim to three male line family names. ("Most modern historians have agreed that the first chief of Clan Gregor was Gregor of the golden bridles.His son was Iain Camm One eye, who succeeded as the second chief sometime before 1390." -- From Wikipedia subject Clan Gregor   sourced to Way, George and Squire, Romily. Collins Scottish Clan & Family Encyclopedia. (Foreword by The Rt Hon. The Earl of Elgin KT, Convenor, TheStanding Council of Scottish Chiefs). Published in 1994. Pages 220 – 221.)
  2. Over the years since publishing my Hunt (2002), Moody (2007), and Wingate (2005) family histories, I have accumulated data additions, corrections, and knowledge of  cousins and research unknown to me before. I will share as much of that as I can on Researching Roots. Stay tuned.
  3. Other Project 1 -- Write as much as I can of the families of Joseph and Annie Fears Hunt and Deason and Ozie Mae Hunt using quotations, narrative, and photos.
  4. Project 2 -- Write as much as I can of my own recollections of my life with Martha, family, career, and friends.
  5. Project 3 -- Prepare print and digital representations of of projects 1 and 2.
  6. Project 4 -- Find out with proof the names of  the parents of Thomas Hunt Sr. and wife Lucy.
  7. Project 5 -- Trace backwards our McFarland ancestry.