Thursday, August 4, 2016

MacGregors Despite Them

All MacGregor, McFarland, Hunt by Blood and Heritage
In 1604 King James VI of Scotland (James I of England) declared that the name of MacGregor was illegal beginning 170 years of proscription. 

In later acts it became illegal for more than four MacGregors to meet in one place or to possess weapons. Families were divided and children sent to other clans or Ireland. A number of clan leaders were executed.  Women who associated with MacGregors were tarred and feathered.  MacGregor scalps were proclaimed legal tender.  Many
MacGregors fled into remote highland areas in the mountains where they lived for many years.  Thus they became known as “The Children of the Mist.”  Others assumed other surnames to avoid persecution. During this time the famed Rob Roy MacGregor officially used the name Robert Campbell, his mother’s maiden name.

In 1784, The British parliament repealed the acts against the MacGregors, and they were able to legally to return to the MacGregor surname with all the rights and privileges of British citizens. Some chose to keep their assumed surnames as did my McFarlands who would later become my Hunt surnamed ancestors. We remain “MacGregors Despite Them.”

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